Resources freed at Rolls-Royce

Inission Rolls Royce

Inission frees up resources at Rolls-Royce

Kamewa in Kristinehamn started a collaboration with what was then EDC back in 1984. Since then, Kamewa has become Rolls-Royce, and the collaboration has developed into a highly valued relationship and a turnkey concept.


Rolls-Royce is one of the world’s largest engine and power system manufacturers. Production in Kristinehamn focuses on ship propellers, waterjet engines and control systems.

Inission is a close partner in developing, designing and producing finished solutions for control and manoeuvre systems that are integrated into Rolls-Royce’s products.

Freeing up resources

“This is a very successful collaboration, one that frees up resources for us,” says Roland Groth of Rolls-Royce. “We can define the basic conditions in the form of dimensions, function, environmental requirements, EMC and physical demands. Inission then takes over and is responsible for the entire chain – from development to production and logistics.”

Good customer contacts

Roland Groth stresses that close, committed contact with the customer is positive for the collaboration.

“That’s one of the reasons we’re so delighted with Inission,” he says. “The fact that they have the expertise and the resources we require is of course another, and a fundamental aspect of our strong long-term co-operation.”