Successful collaboration with Movimento

Movimento is a global company with offices in North America and Europe, which develops and markets systems for vehicle diagnostics. Major customers include Volvo and Renault. Inission delivers essentially complete units such as their successful communication device PUMA.

Movimento called for
shorter lead times and greater flexibility

We are at Movimentos office in Gothenburg along with Eddie Dyfverman, Operations Manager, responsible for purchasing, production and deliveries, and Magnus Fogelberg, Globel Software Director and Vice President.

Eddie says:
-We have come a long way together. From old FABEC to new Inission. But it was only when Olle and Niklas at Inission came into the picture as it felt good. But we got higher demands from our customers to deliver our products faster and in smaller quantities. While the price did not get affected.

-Me and Niklas got on well together and decided to cooperate in order to reduce lead times and increase flexibility.

Shared activity

At Inission they made a system of forecasting, analyzing the stock situation and ensured the material. About the lead time, which was too long, Niklas says:

-We had different production units that did different stages in the product. One element was made in Gothenburg, next in Tallinn. Was there an error in Tallinn the cards had to be sent back to Gothenburg. Therefore, production was transferred to a single production unit in Tallinn. Along with all the testing equipment. This gave control of materials and supplies in a different way. In addition, we made sure to make extra cards for each delivery point for building a stock. This was to further increase flexibility and short lead times.

-We did this together me and Eddie. Then we developed a process to future-proof the delivery of the product.

A satisfied end customer

Together Niklas and Eddie created a concept that
shorted lead times and increased flexibility resulting in a happier end customers. The lead time went from 10 weeks to 2-3 weeks and delivery accuracy increased from 75% to 95%.

Finally Eddie gets to answer the question about Movimentos views on future cooperation with Inission.

-I value Inissions flexibility, responsiveness and efficiency, and as long as you also are priceworthy we gladly would like to develop and produce future generations with you.