From development to manufacturing

Whether you have an idea stage or a concept, Inission can improve and realize your visions. From development to verified products and system solutions, we manufacture the market’s best and most cost-effective products.

Our offer

Inission offers demanding industrial customers in Northern Europe tailor-made development, electronic manufacturing services and complete boxbuild that guarantee the best sustainable business value and overall economy.

Customer promise

With our knowledge, commitment and passion for realizing visions we maximize the value and total economy of the product over time.

Circle of Life according to Inission

Developing advanced electronics and mechanics should be easy. Instead of several suppliers, one is enough. Inission is a total supplier and our passion is realizing visions. Our services cover the entire product life cycle and relieve your organization – from idea to finished product, volume manufacturing and aftermarket.

See Inission as your extended arm, a strategic partner that acts as your own development and manufacturing department. Our job is to develop, test and industrialize your product. We take care of your logistics, stock, product revisions throughout its lifetime. This ensures an expanded and sustainable life cycle, allowing our collaboration to prepare for the next product generation.




By involving our knowledge and experience early, preferably at the idea stage, we can ensure the function of your product and reduce manufacturing costs by up to 30%.


We love prototyping and understand how important timely deliveries of prototypes are in your projects, so that they can be verified according to plan. Therfore we have high availability in our dedicated prototype lines.


Together, we look at the product’s cost drivers and ensure material selection, material availability, supply chain, production efficiency and optimal capital retention throughout the product’s life cycle.


We customize production to your unique product and select the right Inission factory for your needs. This ensure efficient volume production, high quality and delivery precision throughout the logistics chain. We take full responsibility so you can focus on your core business.

Product maintenance

By taking control of LTB components and extending the products lifespan, that way we maximize the return on investment. And when the time comes, we proactively propose a new generation to replace the existing product.

Close to you

Our factories’ geographical spread is an important part of Inission’s strategy – to be close to our customers. The proximity means that we can work closely together as partners while our whole group’s strengths and abilities are at your disposal. Working closely together as partners creates better communication, increased flexibility, shorter transports and ultimately an unbeatable delivery precision.

Demanding customers

Many of the Northern Europes leading industrial companies are found in our customer portfolio, but also many smaller and innovative companies that see Inission as an enabler. They are demanding clients who challenge our knowledge and our experience for each new assignment.

Our unique collaborations impact people’s lives around the clock, all year round. Our joint efforts contribute to operations in a wide range of industries, on land and at sea, down in mines and all the way out in space.


A prerequisite for satisfied customers is that we show and offer uniquely good performance, but also that our customers have confidence in us. That is why Inission’s sustainability work is an integral part of our business and we collaborate with customers and suppliers to contribute to a sustainable development and future. We simply think that it is important. For you. For the world. Forever.


"If you want to get to know us even better, or if you have a project or an idea you want to discuss – don’t hesitate, call me today."
"Call me today if you want to discuss your development, prototypes or manufacturing needs."
Per Jennel
Business Development Manager