A full service electronics and mechanics manufacturer

Where others see a problem, we see an opportunity. Where others see one use, we see infinite. We are not like others, that’s our strength.
Whether you are at an early idea stage or already have a finished concept, Inission can improve and realize your visions. From development and design to verified products and system solutions, we manufacture the market's best and most cost-effective products.
Inission’s unique collaborations impact people’s lives around the clock, all year round. Our joint efforts contribute to operations in a wide range of industries, on land and at sea, down in mines and all the way out in space.

Why choose Inission?

Because we are our client’s best partner and because knowledge, responsiveness and commitment are the basis for all sustainable relationships. On this basis, we nurture our partners’ visions and develop and manufacture the best products on the market.

Furthermore, we are convinced that mutual respect results in pride among our employees and security among our partners. And we know that equal relationships bear the most fruit – from idea to prototype to finished product – and that this shared responsibility creates the best conditions for a sustainable future for our customers’ customers. Because

A future career at Inission

To join Inission you always strive to exceed expectations. You wake up every morning wanting to capture the essence of an idea and make it concrete. And if you love collaborating with colleagues who also are driven by the desire to change and improve the world. Then you’re welcome to join Inission.

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