What we do everyday

Inission offers companies customized development and manufacturing of electronic and mechanical products. We realize our customers’ visions and maximize the value and total economy of the product over time.

We operate in Northern Europe with a strong value-driven corporate culture of entrepreneurship and passion. As an investor you can find us at Nasdaq First North Growth Market.


We operate through our values. We show and offer performance excellence. We are growing organically through increased competitiveness and efficiency. We are growing through acquisitions.


By leading the development in the industry, we become the best total supplier, both for the customer and the customer’s customer.


We have a strong belief that our industry can be changed and improved and that we constantly must deliver an even higher value to you as a customer. To be successful we have committed ourselves to take the lead and never allow our commitment to be reduced. Our mission – the most satisfied customers.


With our knowledge, commitment and passion for realizing visions we maximize the value and total economy of the product over time.


Our values reflect Inission’s culture and what we together act and stand for. They also guide us to the right and sustainable decisions. Values are built over a long period of time and come from within the company, from the employees themselves, and have been carved out in training and workshops. Values must come naturally and permeate everything that Inission does and works for.


Within Inission, we have established five principles that guide us how to organize our operations to strengthen our competitiveness. The principles are connected – from our understanding of what creates customer value to creating efficient flows that deliver this value.


Inission has high ambitions within sustainability. In our role as contract manufacturer, we collaborate with both customers and suppliers to contribute to a sustainable development and future. We take responsibility by including all three perspectives; environment, social and economic sustainability. For you. For the world. Forever.

Quality & Policies

In our opinion quality is not only about functional, sustainable products with a long life span. It’s also about delivery precision, optimised economy and good customer relations. As part of our ISO certification we continuously measure customer satisfaction – as it is you, the customer, who judges whether or not we are achieving the quality we strive for.

Our Factories

Our ecosystem of factories around Northern Europe is suitable for all electronics and mechanical production, as well as complete assembly of finished products. Our local presence means that we can work closely as partners while our whole group’s strengths and abilities are at your disposal.


Our journey from the late 80´s and early 90´s to where we are today – A full service electronics and mechanics manufacturer with a passion for realizing visions and one of the leading total suppliers in northern Europe.