Manufacturing of Electronics (PCBA)

Manufacturing of complete electronic products is the core of what we do. We tailor each assignment to the customer’s need. We ensure production with consistent quality and industry-leading delivery precision throughout the entire logistics chain.

This gives you as a customer a low capital tied up, optimal total cost and a trouble-free existence.


PCBA Manufacturing

  • Lasermarking
  • Solder paste inspection (SPI)
  • Surface-mount (SMT)
  • Through-hole assembly
  • Wave and selective soldering
  • 3D Automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • 3D X-ray
  • Cleaning and conformal coating
  • Potting and curing
  • Press fit



  • Test development
  • In-circuit test (ICT)
  • Functional test (FCT)
  • Flying probe
  • Boundry scan
  • System test
  • Vibration and environmental testing (ESS)

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  • Sub-assembly
  • Box build
  • Complete system build
  • Cabinet system build
  • Medical system build

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Quality standards, policies and directives

Standards and directives

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 45001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 13485
  • ETL-approved production
  • UL-certified products
  • IPC certified operators within class 600, 610, 620, 7711, J-STD-001
  • Own trainers (CIT) within IPC 610 and J-STD-001


  • RoHS and REACH policy pdf
  • Conflict minerals policy pdf
  • Code of conduct pdf
  • Environmental policy pdf
  • Transparency Act (specifically for Inission Løkken) web page
  • Whistleblowers policy pdf


By involving Inission early, preferably at the idea stage, we can insure the function of your product and reduce manufacturing costs by up to 30%. With our knowledge and experience, we can take overall responsibility and present a concept based on your product requirements.


We love prototyping and understand how important timely deliveries of prototypes are in your projects, so that they can be verified according to plan. Therfore we have high availability in our dedicated prototype lines.

IPC Class 2 & 3

Inission meets the requirements of IPC standard Class 2 and Class 3 requirements, which are key manufacturing standards for the electronics manufacturing industry. To meet the requirements we train our employees continuously in soldering and assessing the durability and quality of the soldering according to the quality class that the customer prefers. Everything to ensure that future product development and quality must be maintained in absolute world class.

Coating of PCBA

Applying conformal coating is a process that enhances PCB reliability, extends operating life, and prevents premature failures in harsh environments. Matching the coating material and application method to the design requirements is critical to gaining the benefits of protection while minimizing manufacturing impact. Conformal coatings have become a standard manufacturing step for improving the robustness of electronic circuit boards.

Traceability minimizes sources of error

We use standardized work steps together with a well-developed traceability system to systematically detect, isolate and process any sources of error. This method is part of the overall work to constantly improve our processes.


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