Development HW, SW & Test

By involving Inission early, preferably at the idea stage, we can insure the function of your product and reduce manufacturing costs by up to 30%. With our knowledge and experience, we can take overall responsibility and present a concept based on your product requirements.

Together we plan the HW, SW & Test development project carefully and cost are estimated. The result of the requirements, priorities and risks regarding functionality and performance provides a design specification and a proof of concept. Design is verified and tests are carried out against the requirements specification and the project is documented.

Inission Innovate

Inission Innovate AB is our own development house that offers demanding industrial customers development services in electronics. The engineers work both at customer site, when expertise is required, and with in-house projects where total responsibility is taken for the delivery, from development to aftermarket.

Hardware & Software development

Whatever your idea, we deliver a full service for any company needing either a complete turnkey project with electronics, embedded software, or any part of the process in developing a new electronic device. Our design service will result in delivering the manufacturing documents with which the product can be certified and produced.

Design for manufacturing

The product design has a significant and direct impact on the product cost throughout the product’s life cycle. Therefore, considering as many cost drivers as possible as early as possible is extremely important. Our Design for Excellence (DfX) approach identifies potential problems in the product while still in the design process.

Our goal with DfX is quick and cost-effective product assembly with an increased quality. In our DfX approach, we focus on five different areas:

Manufacturing, Assembly, Testability, Quality and Costs

Test development

Inission support our customers to develop comprehensive, integrated and cost-effective end to end test development strategies at component, sub-assembly and finished product levels using customer and industry standard hardware and software platforms.

Inission provides customers with complete solutions for a wide variety of testing requirements, from functional testing to environmental stress testing, and more. Our test development services optimize test coverage and manufacturing efficiency.


"Call or e-mail me if you want to know more about Inissions electronic development services."
"Call or e-mail me if you want to know more about Inissions testing services."
Kjetil Blokkum
Business Developer