At this stage, we offer access to a specialized customer team, complemented by experts from the supply chain. The customer team works together with our team using a systematic approach. Together, we look at the product’s cost drivers and ensure material selection, material availability, supply chain, production efficiency and optimal capital retention throughout the product’s life cycle.

The result of this attention to detail, combined with our experience, means that the product gets to the market faster – with the right quality and a competitive price.

Design for Excellence

The product design has a significant and direct impact on the product cost throughout the product’s life cycle. Therefore, considering as many cost drivers as possible as early as possible is extremely important. Our Design for Excellence (DfX) approach identifies potential problems in the product while still in the design process. Our goal with DfX is quick and cost-effective product assembly with an increased quality. In our DfX approach, we focus on five different areas:

Manufacturing, Assembly, Testability, Quality and Costs

Test Development

Test development is recommended in the development and industrialization stages. Inission has a test development department with several test engineers with extensive experience. LabVIEW, TestStand and Python is used for test automation, together with XJTAG boundary scan for digital testing of the PCBA.

Tools & fixtures

Our tools and fixtures are based on the product design, assembly processes, and quality control need of the customer. We use both customized and standardized tools and fixtures to enhance efficiency, improve consistency and reduce costs, allowing you as a customer to focus on your core competencies.

Work instructions

Our work instructions are critical and make sure that our employees completes a task the same way every time. It is specifically designed to ensure the consistency, timing, and repetition of the processes. Eliminating even the slightest variation in the way a job is completed means that we get more efficient work, higher productivity, and fewer mistakes.

Supply-chain setup

We have an efficient and sustainable infrastructure that enables partners to exchange information up and down the supply chain. Our setup helps to manage and optimize processes such flows, operational logistics, inventory levels, forecasting, and resource planning. All in all it ensures better collaboration with suppliers, better quality control, shipping optimisation, reduced inventory and overhead costs, stronger cash flow and better visibility and data analytics.

Logistic & distribution

At Inission we are accustomed to working with integrated logistics which take care of distribution directly to the customer’s customer. This automates a flow that would otherwise take up your valuable time and energy.

Integrated logistics is also a major benefit if a product were ever to have a fault or need a repair. We already have all the order information and can receive returned products quickly and efficiently, and handle them faster.


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