Box build, cabinet assembly & system integration

We are a strong partner in Box build and proud to have world leading OEM customers since more than 30 years back. Apart from complete assembly of finished product we can also offer to source the entire material build up, from included modules to the last screw that is needed in the assembly.

  • Dedicated purchase for electromechanical and cables
  • Well skilled technicians for electromechanical
  • Dedicated lean production setup
  • System test
  • HV testing facilities
  • Custom made DIN rails and cable duct from bulk
  • Custom printed wire tags in factory
  • Assembly done from original customer connection diagram
  • Consumables in kanban storage
  • We are a complete and effective supplier and do final customized assembly with electronics that are manufactured in-house.
Standards & requirements we meet
  • ISO 9001-standard (Quality system)
  • ISO 45001- standard (Occupational health and safety)
  • ISO 14001-standard (Environmental management system)
  • ISO 13485-standard (Medical devices)
  • IPC A610 2/3
  • IPC / WHMA-A-620 Class 1-3


"Call me today if you want to discuss your box build, cabinet assembly or system integration needs."
Per Jennel
Business Development Manager