In June 2016 Inission bought Onrox Group. The group included Onrox Malmö, a complete production plant that is resource-efficient, large-scale and has a geographically advantageous location. Now the factory is undergoing a transformation in order to create an Inspirit-factory. To manifest this Onrox Malmö changes name. Welcome Inission Malmö AB.

The acquisition has made Inission a leading total supplier in the metropolitan region of Malmö, Copenhagen and the Öresund region. There is also an ongoing fusion of our businesses in Skåne when Inission Montronic AB in Sösdala moves in with Inission Malmö AB. That means all the skills and resources in one place, in a region with strong growth that attracts both new business and new residents.

Four months after the acquisition the prior Onrox factory in Malmö is subject to a transformation. Signs are replaced and employees are taught the Inspirit way, Inissions own success strategy based on Lean and our values. The result is effective and resource-efficient production and a really good offer to the market. Inission Malmö AB also becomes an Inspirit-factory, which is a window to the entire Inission and a center of excellence within the Group.

“Today Inission Malmö AB has a solid client portfolio that reflects the Öresund region’s growth by growing with new customers and existing customers. The factory will now have access to bigger muscles and broader skills. In this way Inission Malmö AB becomes a window to the entire Inission Group while local offering is complete”, says Olle Hulteberg, Marketing Director Inission.

To further strengthen our presence in an interesting region Inission also has a Copenhagen-based sales company. The company has been around since 2009 and Inission Malmö AB already supplies several Danish customers. The sales company has been renamed Inission København ApS.

Contact details
Olle Hulteberg, Marketing Director Inission
+46 707 20 24 44

About Inission
Inission is a total supplier of customized manufacturing and logistics services in advanced industrial electronics. The Group consists of the parent company Inission AB and the wholly owned subsidiaries Inission TRIAB AB and Inission Skeab AB in Stockholm, Inission Gothenburg AB, Inission Munkfors AB, Inission Pajala AB, Inission Montronic AB in Sösdala and the Estonian company Inission Tallinn OY. In June 2016 Inission acquired Onrox Group, which consisted of Onrox Malmö (now Inission Malmö AB) and Onrox Borås and the Danish sales company Onrox ApS (now Inission København ApS). Inissions annual turnover is approx. 610 MSEK, has approx. 340 employees and is listed on Nasdaq First North.

More about Inspirit
Inission has in recent years made a unique journey. Through confidence and attitude, we have created a corporate culture that does not compromise on flexibility and precision. The staff now has an understanding and a behavior that drive small improvements every day. Customers and innovators can focus on their ideas and Inission makes sure to accomplish the mission and logistics all the way to the customer’s customer. Continued training in Lean and application of its principles has helped us reduce lead times and manufacturing costs. We priority flow efficiency before resource efficiency and create conditions for continuous learning rather than just execution. The business is driven by our values, principles, methods and tools, as opposed to being driven by specific people. Many would call this a Lean business strategy, we call it Inspirit – our tool to achieve our goals.