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Enedo Oy


After a process that began in 2021, Enedo Oy is, since January 2024, a wholly owned subsidiary of Inission AB.

Unlike Inission’s other companies that are contract manufacturers of electronics and mechanics (EMS), Enedo is a product company (OEM) that develops, manufactures and sells electronic power supply units and systems under its own brand. The company has operations in Finland, Italy, the USA and Tunisia with a total of 362 employees in 2023.

Motive for the acquisition of Enedo
The growth in power electronics is driven by the electrification of society. All electronics, such as 5G, IoT, batteries, need reliable power supply. Power electronics is therefore an important factor for electrification. Growth within the sector is expected to be twice as high as for EMS, approx. 6% annual growth. Enedo has a strong product portfolio, good reputation and a solid customer base. Enedo’s products have the potential to be delivered to Inission’s customers and vice versa for Enedo’s customers. A combined offer could create value for our customers.

read more about Enedo at www.enedopower.com or in Inissions latest annual report

Press releases related to Enedo:
2024-01-22 Payment of remaining Enedo shares
2023-08-10 Organizational changes within Enedo and Inission
2023-05-30 Trading in the Enedo share has ended
2021-02-16 Inission to become the major shareholder in Enedo