Inission Munkfors AB has since November a new Sales Manager. He is called Jan Wikström and grew up in Råda, a few kilometres north of Munkfors, but has since 1994 lived in Sunne. The last 10 years he has worked at NOTE as Business Development Manager and Sales Manager. Jan has also a past at Inission Munkfors. At that time the company was called EDC he worked at the factory for about 10 years.

– It’s good to be back, especially when you feel so welcome. I probably know half of the people working here and the atmosphere is great.

How did you end up on Inission Munkfors again?
– I have been interested in the company for some time but I haven’t felt ready until now. I have followed Inissions progress in recent years and have been impressed by the company’s innovation thinking. INXS, Double Quotation in one hour, Inission Innovation Award and all the acquisitions Inission has made in recent years are clear examples of this. Besides, Inission has set clear and challenging goals and visions. This, combined with that I was looking for new challenges resulted in contact with Håkan (Rååd, CEO Inission Munkfors AB). After a few meetings, mails and phone calls, it was done. We have the same views on a lot and share many values, so the process went pretty fast.

What are your first impressions after a month on Inission?
– As I said, it feels great. There is positive energy in the company and the customer focus is large. Everyone is helpful and dedicated and the staff receive feedback on their opinions and ideas, something I believe is a prerequisite for a functioning workplace. It is inspiring to be on this train.

What are your best qualities you bring to work?
– I’m good at building trust among customers. I also think that my positive attitude can contribute to happier employees which ultimately makes us doing a better job.

In his spare time Jan likes to spend time with his family and friends. He also does a lot of outdoor activities, traveling, skiing and fishing.

– At the moment I train a lot too. The first thing that happened when I stepped through the door at Inission Munkfors was Leif (Svensson, Manager of Sales Inission Munkfors AB) telling me that I have been entering a training race – The one who trains the most during a 10 week period wins. A fun initiative that also creates a good atmosphere in the workplace.

Thanks and good luck Jan!

Jan Wikström
Sales Manager, Inission Munkfors AB
+46 703 71 58 68