At the Annual General Meeting on May 6, 2021, Margareta Alestig was elected as a new board member of Inission. She now tells us about her previous experiences and what the role as a board member means.


Margareta grew up in Örebro with her three siblings, a father who was an economist and a mother who was a social worker.

– My parents’ career choices had in impact on me. I became an economist but I have always had HR-oriented values. All people are equally important in an organization and they should be treated with respect. I think this is a prerequisite for a company to be successful.

After university studies, Margareta moved to Stockholm. After two years in a financial group, she got to be part of what she describes as one of the most fun things she has done in her life.

– I was involved in starting a completely new bank from scratch, Sveabanken. It was the first bank starting in Sweden for 55 years, and I was given a great responsibility even though I was only 25 years old. It was demanding, but developing and I was involved from beginning to end. 1990 came the banking crisis and the bank was sold to Sparbanken.

Thanks to her background as an economist, Margareta has had the opportunity to change industry a number of times. After a time in the glassy financial world, a few years followed as CFO of an international technical consulting company.

– I wanted to learn new things and contribute with my previous experiences. It is the common thread of my career and thereby I have had the chance to work with many different cultures and in different industries.

Margareta has been in management and board in a number of companies in various industries, ranging from banking and finance, life science, logistics, shipping, IT to investment activities. For Margareta, board assignments is the best skills development and very fun and challenging, which is why she has decided to focus entirely on board assignments in the future.

What made you interested in board assignments?
– I am business and goal-oriented as a person and want to influence, drive, lead and develop. You bring experiences with you and can then use them.

For Margareta, it is important that a board member must be committed, well prepared and genuinely interested in the company that is represented. One should also contribute to a climate where a lot of discussions are encouraged.

– It feels good with Inission. My colleagues contribute with everything I strive for – exciting discussions and a strong will to expand and develop the business.

What are your best qualities as a board member?
– In addition to my drive and commitment, I am analytical. I like to start from numbers and facts and then work my way forward. I have a strategic vision, am proactive and forward-looking. For the past eight years, I have worked a lot with sustainability and how to integrate it into businesses. In the long run, sustainability risks also involve financial risks, but it is important to point out that sustainability can also provide new business opportunities.

What is a board’s mission in a company?
– A board has an overall responsibility to the owners, the organization and the management of the company. We create and decide strategies for developing the company so that the shareholders get a good return. Another important task is to appoint the CEO who has the task of leading the company in a good way.

Among the most important things Margareta has learned as a board member is that the role should be taken very seriously. According to her, a well-functioning board sets the tone and it should flow down into the organization. The board should also be visible.

– We must be open and accessible. In the footsteps of the pandemic, physical meetings have been canceled, but meetings are usually held at Inission’s factories. That creates additional feelings for the company and the people who drive it forward.

What do you think a well-composed board looks like?
– I want a good chairman. One who can manage meetings, keep the schedule and ensure that each member is allowed to express their opinion. Diversity and different skills are also important. It creates different perspectives and discussions. Good and lively discussions within the board, but united outwards. My thoughts on how a well-composed board should work fits well with Inission’s board.

What was crucial when you decided to join Inission’s board?
– After my first meeting with Olle and Fredrik (Inission’s main owners), I immediately got a good feeling. They are incredibly energetic. Inission is an exciting and interesting company with ideas and the will to develop. I also got the feeling that with my experiences I had the opportunity to contribute. I also talked to another member of the board before I made the decision.

Olle Hulteberg is marketing manager and one of Inission’s two main owners. He comments on the choice of Margareta:
– As the main owner and nomination committee, it is important to have the best possible composition on the board. There are several decisive factors, but competence and experience are among the most important. We carried out a structured process with requirements specifications, scanning, screening and qualification. With her impressive background, we found Margareta best suited for the assignment. We are so happy that she said yes.

That Margareta can share a company’s values is also of great importance when she chooses assignments.

– The values reflect the organization and I think there are strong values within Inission. You care about and respect your employees, but at the same time you make great demands.

How do you see Inission’s future potential?
– I would not have joined as a board member if there was no future potential. There is a strategy and ambition for increased growth in a balanced way. I think it will be a very exciting journey with success, but also challenges. I always try to be prepared to be able to handle different types of situations in a responsible way.

Inission’s board consists of Margareta Alestig, Karin Skoglund, Hans Linnarson, Olle Hulteberg and Mattias Hultheimer. Fredrik Berghel is the chairman of the board.

About Inission
Inission is a profitable total supplier that offers demanding industrial customers in the Nordic region complete electronic and mechanical products of the highest quality. Our services cover the entire product life cycle, from development and design to industrialization, volume production and aftermarket. By combining this with logistics services and a production based on high flexibility, customer adaptation and short lead times, our offer becomes competitive. Inission has production units in Stockholm, Västerås, Borås, Munkfors, Malmö, Trondheim (Norway), Lohja (Finland), Lagedi and Tallinn (Estonia). Inission is listed on OMX Nasdaq First North.