Test development

Test development is recommended in the development and industrialization stages. Inission has a test development department with several test engineers with extensive experience. LabVIEW, TestStand and Python is used for test automation, together with XJTAG boundary scan for digital testing of the PCBA.

Capabilities and reasons to choose Test development

Main tasks
  • Test development
  • Adjustment/tuning/calibration of products
  • Enhanced troubleshooting
  • Automated test ready for first production batch
  • Product knowledge before production start-up
  • Enabled DFT analysis
  • The quality of production documentation through the development of test procedures, drawings with AutoCAD etc.
Core competences
  • Automation of tests
  • Outlay of “bed & nails” in AutoCAD
  • Test jigs
  • Switch systems
  • Data logger systems
  • RF testing up to 13.6 GHz
  • Advising PCB layout. Design for test – DFT
  • Connection to existing systems for Product Life Cycle Management – PLM
  • Yield management
Automation of test
  • Rapid implementation of actual testing
  • Enables a more complete test – test more in less time
  • Earlier detection of possible errors
  • Better repeatability – test is done the same way every time
  • Easier, faster and better reporting using WATS
Typical activities as a separate project
  • Test jig – Specification, design and produce of jig
  • Test SW – Specification, design and development
  • Documentation of test setup (HW & SW)
  • Preparation of test procedures
  • Project Management

Traceability system (WATS)

With the test system WATS from Virinco, Inission enables our customers to have traceability on their products. Using a WATS-client, the customer can access the WATS database with quality data and serial number history.


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