The companies previously known as EDC and FABEC now come together under a single brand – Inission.

The EMS industry is quite special. You either love or hate its uncompromising conditions, its intricate logistics and its sensitivity to the economy. But we have come to appreciate the challenges the sector presents.

Inission is the first total supplier

That’s why we’re raising the bar. We’re changing from a modest little producer to a challenger, a company that dares to provoke the industry into being better, more efficient, taking more responsibility. Inission will be the first total supplier

Our mission – the most satisfied customers

We have an opportunity to make improvements, inspire ourselves to drive developments in our industry. To get there, we make sure we always get under the customer’s skin and understand their business from their perspective. In the same way, we also want to understand the business benefit for the customer’s customer. Only then can we know how to maximise it.

Welcome to Inission

We believe our industry is ready for change. For improvement. Perhaps even for revolution. You may already work with us and know how we think. If not, we’d love to tell you more about how we’re about to change the rules of play and breathe life into our vision of the best total economy – for everyone involved. Welcome to Inission.