Inission is growing! As part of the company’s endeavour to be faster and better in the Stockholm region, Inission is now acquiring electronics manufacturer TRIAB. There are many positive effects, according to Olle Hulteberg, Managing Director at Inission: “This is a dream situation.”

INISSION is an experienced contract manufacturer in the electronics industry with a historic base in Munkfors, west central Sweden. Eighteen months ago the company acquired FABEC in Gothenburg. Since then FABEC has developed dramatically, and Inission anticipates a similar boost for TRIAB:

“TRIAB has knowledgeable employees, good customers and modern machinery,” says Olle Hulteberg. “Together we will be able to provide an even better proposition that has greater breadth and also more depth.”

Stronger proposition

Following the acquisition Inission will have four plants: two focusing on operations close to customers, in Gothenburg and Stockholm, and two larger factories in Munkfors and Tallinn.

“We complement each other well,” Olle continues. “Together we can offer customers a better geographical presence, which is important in this industry. With a wider joint offering, we can also be an attractive option on new markets and for new customers.”

Inission is also now expected to be able to offer more comprehensive prototype production than was previously possible. Furthermore, the company will have a broader financial base, better equipping it for larger volumes.

“In an industry that’s consolidating, bigger is quite simply better,” Olle adds.

Broader expertise and efficient production

TRIAB primarily focuses on the manufacture of electronic products and was founded in 1988 by Leif Sjöholm, Lars Syrén and Robert Widén. The company has 20 employees and a turnover of approximately SEK 30 million. Leif, Lars and Robert will remain at the helm of TRIAB during a transitional period, before Inission takes over.

“This is something of a dream situation,” says Olle. “Inission is acquiring a company that broadens its expertise and customer base – while also streamlining our production. As part of Inission, TRIAB will be stronger and will have access to our collective experience.”