Mathias Larsson at Inissions stand at the Hotspot day.

In our attempts to create a closer relationship with tomorrow’s officials Inission went to HotSpot – Karlstad University’s career fair. It proved to be both an enjoyable and rewarding event.

Each spring, about a hundred companies, organizations and municipalities gather at Karlstad University to give students the opportunity to meet its future employers and make valuable contacts for employment.

Since we operate in an industry that always face challenges and see every day how companies struggle with generational shifts and loss of skills, the purpose of our presence at Hotspot seems obvious, to make connections with future workforce and listen to the students of requirements and desires.

For some time we proposed theses that we saw as interesting, but the interest has been somewhat cool. So one important lesson that we brought with us from Hotspot is stop dictating terms and instead ask “What can you do for us?” The commitment and knowledge is out there so it is more about the responsiveness and flexibility on our part.

Besides that we improved relationship with the students, we also took the opportunity to brush up our contact network with the local consulting firms that was in place. That so many were at Hotspot was a pleasant surprise.

To sum it all up, it was a very successful and enjoyable day filled with positive energy.

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