Cecilia Norrby, Sales & Business Development, Stationed at Inission Triab in Stockholm.

So, where are you from?
I come from Tierp, a town 40 km south of Gävle, best known for the production of drain covers and birds flying on their backs.

What do you do in your spare time?
I like to have a lot to do but it’s not always important what you fill the time with, there is so much fun to do. My partner Rickhard and I enjoy traveling to different destinations, ranging from ski vacations to cities and adventure. Exercise is important, but after a 15-year career as a disciplined football goalkeeper in div 2, it is no longer content that is most important, but variation. I run unwillingly, but often go to the gym, do road cycling, diving, walking and occasionally challenge my partner in Squash.

What is your education?
Master of Business Administration degree from Linnaeus University in Växjö with a specialization in entrepreneurship and business development, div courses in marketing, negotiation skills and leadership.

What did you do before joining Inission?
Last employer was Lantmännen where I worked as a Sr. Project Manager. Mainly with development projects in supply chain management, primarily at Lantmännen’s international subsidiaries in Russia, Belgium and Denmark.

Before that I was 7 years at electronics group Kamic Group (formerly ElektronikGruppen BK) where I held positions in several areas, including purchasing, marketing, sales and business development.

Did you know anything about Inission since before?
I was aware of the individual companies before they were acquired by Inission, but I have also followed the establishment of the Inission group at a little distance. I have met Olle and Fredrik before, in my previous role at Kamic.

Why did you apply for this service?
There was a request from Inission to apply. I´m associating Inission with professionalism and entrepreneurship which made Inission feel as an attractive employer. I also had a desire to return to sales, which fit well with Inissions needs.

And how did you get the job?
Olle kept in touch during my time at Lantmännen and at one point the timing felt right and a “learn-to-know-each-other” process started. The recruitment included several interviews and visits at both facilities in Munkfors and Stockholm. Then both I and Inissions owners got the opportunity to evaluate a position. On Easter Eve Olle called and offered me the service.

What were your expectations?
My expectations is obviously high, I think I have ended up in a dynamic company with great ambition for change and development. I know the market to some extent since before and I have an understanding of the industry and the need for adaptability. My hopes are that the companies in the Inission Group have the will to face the market together, and that I, as an employee, will be seen as a colleague, no matter what site I work at. I look forward to learn from my colleagues and I´m impressed by their knowledge and experience, it operates and develops me.

What was your first impression?
My first days I’ve spent time with the team that I´m a part of. It´s called the market group. The atmosphere has been lighthearted and very welcoming, which of course feels very good. It is fun to discover that the group is made up of colleagues from different backgrounds but with a common interest in business. It´s never far from a laugh.

The most positive with Inission so far?
The Understanding of the need to differentiate the production of electronic products, and a clear ambition to position (and deliver on!) Inission to, in addition to production, also supply ancillary services to a perceived value. I am confident that the product packaging of ancillary services has value for Inissions customers. Positive for my own motivation is that the journey is far from over, Inission has come a long way, and I get to be a part of the development.

What are your duties?
Mainly sales with a focus on acquiring new customers and additional sales upon existing customers. But since Inission is a flat organization, I understand that you have to be willing to help where it is needed.

Again, welcome to Inission Cecilia!

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Sales & Business Development