Inission becomes largest shareholder in Incap Cooperation aiming at a company merger

Following the financing arrangement published today by Incap Corporation and the directed share issue related to that arrangement, Inission AB becomes the largest shareholder in Incap. After registration of the new shares subscribed in the directed share issue, Inission AB will hold 28,500,000 shares in Incap Corporation, corresponding to approximately 26% of the total share capital.

The comprehensive arrangement agreed between Inission AB and Incap Corporation includes an option for merging Inission AB’s business operations to Incap Corporation. If the option is used the merger of Incap and Inission will be carried out by Incap Corporation acquiring Inission AB’s subsidiaries’ shares and business operations.

For more information contact:
CEO Fredrik Berghel +46 732 022210
MD Olle Hulteberg +46 707 202444