This is Susanne Uddegård. During three month she worked on developing a new recruitment policy for the entire Inission group. Susanne has read 4.5 years at Karlstad University and is a trained behaviorist and personnel administrator. She is from Jämtland, northern parts of Sweden, but now she lives in Karlstad.

-Well, I liked it in Karlstad during my time at the University so I stayed after graduation. But I miss Jämtland sometimes, especially the mountains because I’m so interested in outdoor recreation. I love Kayak and slalom. And we travel a lot me and my family. I guess I’m a little restless, want to do new things and I’m also not afraid to do it. A good combination.

You have been here for three months now, what do you think of Inission?
– I like the mentality here. There is much logical thinking, you question everything and you are curious. And you are not satisfied though the situation is good at the moment because you know that there are always things to improve.

How to recruit is such a thing?
-Yes, recruitment is a long term and extensive investment and that’s why you should have common guidelines to follow in order to be perceived as an attractive employer.

How do you become an attractive employer?
-The foundation of the candidates’ perception of the company is already established. How the company is portrayed in the media, communicating in ads and dealing with people, along with how you dress and what the facilities and the webpage look like has created a feeling in the applicants mind. But as you approach the finish of the recruitment process the creation of additional positive images of the company is nonetheless one of your primary tasks. You want to give as many good reasons as you can to the candidate to take up a job offer. This can for instance make the job attractive:

An inspiring payroll, exciting products, management’s openness to employees, your way of being honest with what is less well with the company, the general mood at the company, flexible hours, good working facilities and so on.

What does the recruitment policy consist of?
-Instructions that will aid in the process of recruiting the person who is required by the organization to best fulfill its mission.

-Specifically the recruitment policy tells you which questions to ask and what to consider in the different stages of the recruitment process. Everything from when the need to recruit arises until the follow-up of the new employee. It is a long and time consuming process that will take up to a year to complete. The Recruitment policy also provides tips and advice on various actions. For an example if it’s been too few applicants, where to place the announcement or if you have set to tough requirements.

Thanks Susanne for this interesting question and answer session!

Susanne worked as an intern at Inission for three months. She isn’t only a behavioral and personnel administrator, she is also a trained nurse and decorator.