From the left. Niklas Lindh, Christian Werder, Jessica Lennartsson, Henrik Jansson, Iris Grevelius, Mathias Larsson, Fredrik Berghel, Mattias Köhler, Linnea Gyllner and Bo Warg (Lean-coach).

As we mentioned earlier Inission was approved by the Production leap-board last year. Since then, several of Inissions plants have continuously received support and inspiration of lean coaches Bo Warg and Peter Lundin.

What is lean?
Lean is a continuous and long-term process of improvement. It is about identifying and eliminating activities that do not create value for the customer. You have to work smarter, not harder. Be flexible and have an overview and understanding of the production chain. It is also a culture where everyone should feel involved and respected. Being able to collaborate and communicate with each other is a prerequisite.

Inission has worked actively with the conversion of the company into a more lean approach since 2008. The period up to 2012, much time has been devoted to introduce systematic problem solving and create visuality around the goals and results.

In 2013, with support from the Production leap, the Inission group has devoted time and energy to create a new production system that was launched before the holiday in 2013. In broad terms, Inissions production systems describe how the company is going to double its sales in five years by:

  1. Get more and right customers
  2.  Have a uniquely good delivery precision
  3. All employees want to participate

And this is achieved by applying three of Toyota’s 14 principles:

  1. pulling production
  2. standard
  3. Employees and managers

And now Inissions participation in the “Production leap” is over. Richard Berglund and Bo Warg visited Inission in Munkfors where management, local union and participating staff summarized the effects of the pilot projects. Three pilot projects have been conducted during the year with very good verified results on lead time, delivery precision and efficiency.

The gratifying results have now meant that everyone involved is eager to take the work further to include all value flows. The lean journey continues!

From the left. Fredrik Berghel, CEO of Inission, receives the “Production leap” Diploma of Lean coach Richard Berglund.