Where do you come from?
-I was born in Stockholm but grew up in the highlands of Småland. Now I live with my family in Kungsbacka on the Swedish west coast.

What do you do in your spare time?
-I like to have just enough to do and it is not always important what you fill the time with. I and my family enjoy traveling to different destinations ranging from ski vacations, to big cities or nice cozy weekends somewhere in our wonderful country. I like to take care of my home and family and hang out with friends. Exercise is important. I use the gym in the winter and in the summer I take bike rides or long walks.

What is your education?
-Engineering from Linköping Institute of Technology (LITH) with specialization in production in mechanics and electronics. I have continued to educate myself in business development and leadership and sales.

What were you doing before you came to Inission?
-Last employer was HANZA where I worked as the sales manager at the Electronics division and was responsible for sales of about 300 million SEK/ year. I was a part in the change of the entire sales organization and introduced new operational metrics. The last year I worked as an Account Director with strategic business development of major international accounts where customers bought more than electronics from all HANZAs factories around the world.

-Before that, I worked about 12 years at NOTE in different roles and the last 8 years as a sales manager for NOTE’s plant in Torsby with sales responsibility for approximately 350 million SEK/year.

Did you know anything about Inission before you came here?
-I have more than 18 years of industry experience so I knew the individual companies before they were acquired by Inission. When Inission was launched I followed the establishment of Inission. I have met Olle and Fredrik at some point prior at a trade show.

Why did you apply for this post?
-The role as the Site Manager in combination with selling is a combination that appealed to me “you get to work in the best of both worlds”. The contact I´ve had with Inission has conveyed professionalism and entrepreneurship, which made Inission feel as an attractive employer.

How did you get the job?
-Olle and Fredrik kept in touch with me. The Recruitment contained a lot of interviews and visits at both facilities in Munkfors and Karlstad whereupon both I and the Inission owners had the opportunity to evaluate a position at Inission. In December, I met Olle and Fredrik who offered me the post of Site Manager.

What are your expectations?
-My expectations of Inission is obviously high, I think I have ended up in a dynamic company with great ambition for change and development. I know the market very well since previous jobs with “colleagues” in the industry and I have an understanding of the industry and the need for adaptability. Here it is my hope that the companies included in the Inission group have the will to face the market together and that I as an employee being seen as colleague and inspiration. I look forward to learning more of my colleagues.

What are your first impressions?
-My first days I’ve spent with Olle and the crew in Göteborg. The atmosphere was light-hearted and very welcoming, which of course feels very good. It´s fun to discover that the group is made up of colleagues from different backgrounds but with a common interest in business. It really is never far from a laugh.

So far, what is the most positive about Inission?
-The understanding that the customers are our future and therefore you take good care of them. Inission also offer peripheral services to a perceived value. I am convinced that a product bundling of peripheral services have a value for Inissions customers. Positive for my own motivation is that the journey is far from over, Inission has come a long way, and I get to be part of the future development.

What are your duties at Inission?
– I´m the Site Manager in Gothenburg but I´m also in to selling to existing customers. But Inission is a flat organization so I understood that you have to be willing to help each other wherever you can.

Welcome to Inission Rolf!

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