The former management consultant Håkan Rååd takes over from Mathias Larsson as the new CEO at Inission Munkfors. Håkan was born and raised in Hagfors, north of Munkfors, but now lives in Kristinehamn. He has a long manager background. Since 15 years he has worked in management positions in various industries. With his combined experience, he decided a few years ago to become management consultant at Xmentor AB in Karlstad. As a consultant, he helped many company managements with analysis and action programs and the implementation of the changes so that the companies could develop and improv.

Why did you want the job as CEO at Inission?
– I knew Inission since before and have seen how the company performed well. It is a well-run company that has an interesting market. There I got interested. And when the job description fit well in with my expertise and extensive experience leading organizations I did not hesitate to send in an application. This was followed by interviews and tests.

Then you have visited the factory, what are your first impressions?
– Everything looks very neat. It´s organized and there is a positive atmosphere among the staff. They cooperate and communicate with each other. Everyone also seems to be aware of the goals, visions and plans for the coming year and also interested in how and why things are done. A good first impression.

What is your title and duties?
I am the CEO and has overall responsibility for operations at the Munkfors factory. I am responsible for the income statement and balance sheet, make sure the customers are happy, orders coming in, responsibility for the staff and the strategic development of the plant.

What is your education?
– In the early 90s, I went to the Technical University of Linköping. There I read the M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Production and Logistics.

What are your interests outside of work?
I’m interested in sport and competed when I was younger in football, hockey, skiing and tennis. Nowadays I run and play tennis. I also try to play a little golf. But mostly I play tennis because I have a son who plays at a high level. It´s really fun to follow and support him.

Thanks, and good luck Håkan!
– Thank you, it’ll be great. Exciting plans to come!