The finalists. Fr Left: Olle Magnusson (Perific Technologies), Louise Warme, Rui Chen, Caroline Blomqvist (LARA Diagnostics), Sammy Pergament (Melaud)

It was a dramatic finish without exaggeration. This year’s finals consisted of three very strong contribution. Melaud with their smart headphones, LARA Diagnostics with their instrument for the diagnosis of peripheral nerve injuries and Perific with their product for monitoring and managing systems on boats at a distance (A more detailed summary of the innovations here).

A week before the final, the jury had carefully gone through the final entries and evaluated them by looking at inventiveness, uniqueness, market potential and newsworthy. So, at this point the finalists had different starting positions when entering the final stretch. But anything could happen the day before the award ceremony when the finalists had a chance to convince the jury in a “Dragons nest”-like concept. In a conference room at Scandic Star Hotel in Lund the finalists presented their innovations orally and then it was the jury’s turn to ask their questions. After the presentations the score was very even. This year’s competition was going to be the toughest challenge yet to the jury, although this may be seen as positive. But after a few hours weighing the pros and cons the jury unanimously chose the winner on these grounds:

“The winner is developing a product that will save a lot of suffering and have great public benefit, by significantly facilitate and improve early diagnosis of peripheral nerve injury”

The following day, during The Evertiq Conference at the Scandic Star Hotel, the finalists got to briefly introduce their innovations to the public in the large Uarda salon. When Olle Hultberg, CEO of Inission, read the explanatory memorandum and announced this year’s winner of Inission Innovation Award it was three very happy innovators at LARA Diagnostics that walked up and received the prize check of one million crowns in manufacturing services. Louise Warme, Rui Chen and Caroline Blomqvist at LARA Diagnostics won with their innovation ViThess and the joy could not be mistaken.

-We are extremely grateful. The price means a lot to us. This makes it possible for us to go from prototype to something that may benefit the patient, says Louise Warme.

This was the third year in a row that Inission Innovation Award was held. The purpose of the contest is to help new entrepreneurs and ideas to grow and prosper but also to pay attention to the Swedish industry that manufactures electronics.


The jury. From the left: Johan Olsén (Almi), Peter Bermann (SEB), Olle Hulteberg och Fredrik Berghel (Inission)

LARA Diagnostics. From the left: Caroline Blomqvist, Rui Chen & Louise Warme.

Olle Magnusson was representing Perific Technologies AB.

Sammy Pergament at Melaud AB.

Olle Hulteberg, CEO at Inission.

Louise at LARA Diagnostics talks about ViThess.

Olle Magnusson talking about Perifics innovation MonIT.

Sammy Pergament tells us about Melaud, the smart headphones.

LARA Diagnostics recieves the check of one million crowns in manufacturing services

Happy innovators.

All the finalists together.

Olle Hulteberg & Fredrik Berghel (Inission) and Anders Norman (CEO Almi Skåne)