Anna Pavliouk is one of two new purchasers at Inission Triab in Stockholm. Anna is educated college graduate in electronics which in 2002 moved from Russia to Sweden. After having quickly learned Swedish and read a few courses in product engineering and design at Malmö University, she got a job at Cervitrol, a development company in electronics. 2011, after nine years in Skåne, she and her family moved to Stockholm, where she got a job at Oplana. Oplana is an agency within electronics and it is through them that Anna heard of Inission.

– Inission Triab was one of our customers and I was told by one of my colleagues that they wanted to strengthen the purchasing side. I had gotten a positive impression of Inission and given my background in electronics production it seemed to fit me perfectly. After contacting Niklas Lindh and beeing interviewed by Stig Leander, I was asked if I wanted to start working for Inission Triab as a purchaser. It was of course good news and more fun given that they wanted to bet on a girl who at the time was heavily pregnant. If my expectations were high before they were even higher now.

What are your first impressions?
– I felt like part of the family right away. Everyone was so helpful. I got to visit the factories in Munkfors and Tallinn quite early. There I was talking to other purchasers and educated myself in how the organization works and how purchasers are working. Professional and welcoming was my first impression.

What is the most positive thing about Inission?
– They take good care of their employees. We are trained, developed, and are well versed in what is happening throughout the Group. And although Inission has factories scattered throughout the north it feels like you belong and are a part of the machinery.

What are your best qualities that you bring to work?
– I find it easy to learn, and is fearless. I like new challenges. I rather do something and fail than do nothing at all.

What do you do in your spare time?
– I have two small children so it is them and my husband I hang out with the most. Long phone conversation with my daughter who studies in Malmö is also a great pleasure. Otherwise, I like to walk, watch series and cheer along with my husband when Manchester City is playing.

Thank you Anna and good luck!

Anna Pavliouk
+46 8 56 44 06 67