Anders Hedelin are the new Finance manager at Inission Malmö. Prior to joining Inission, Anders served as Chief Financial Officer at Rollco, one of Addtech’s subsidiaries. Anders is basically an MSc degree with a degree from Stockholm University, but he also holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts. Now he is at Inission’s factory in Malmö and wants to create a professional finance department.

-Many companies see the finance department as a cost. But it’s really a service department, both externally and internally. We know what the organization earns and loses money on. Through good financial management and control, we can also contribute to revenues.

What are your first impressions after a week at Inission?
-It feels good and stimulating. There is a lot to do. In order to harmonize with the other Inission companies we will in October switch ERP systems to Monitor. This means extensive preparation and as a project manager I therefore have great responsibility.

What are your best qualities you bring to work?
I usually have a good mood and I think I can contribute to happier employees. Which ultimately leads us to do a better job. I also feel strong responsibility for how it goes for the company, the customer and the project and always act for the best of business.

Anders is raised in Söderhamn in Hälsingland, but has spent most of his life in Stockholm. He has also been living in the wine district of Mendosa, Argentina.

– By chance I bought a piece of land and moved there with the whole family. There we started a fairly large farm. We grew plums, peaches but mostly grapes which we then sold to wine producers. We still own the farm.

Thanks and good luck Anders!

For more information contact:
Anders Hedelin, Financial Manager
direkt +46 40 650 02 01
mobil +46 704 10 93 59