Inission Munkfors has since the end of August a new Financial Manager. His name is Magnus Jansson and is originally from Stenungsund, north of Gothenburg. Already as a child Magnus showed a big interest in numbers and finances.

– My parents used to tell me that they early suspected that I would work with economy as an adult. This is because I used to count in my sleep and because I exchanged my saved money with them every day. I also loved games like Monopoly and Finance and I started to interest myself for funds already as a 7 year old.

It was therefore no surprise that Magnus began to study economics and eventually had a master’s degree in Accounting and Governance from Karlstad University. After the studies he started as a trustee and then continued working as Manager at Balder in Karlstad. He finished at Balder as management support at the headquarters in Gothenburg. After that, Magnus joined Ernst & Young where he worked as an accountant.

Did you know about Inission before applying for employment?
– Yes, to some extent. Since my time at Ernst & Young, I knew Olle and Fredrik. I perceived them as enterprising and when I received the job description from Testhuset I became interested.

What are your first impressions after just over two weeks at Inission?
-It is good order and pleasant. I am also very impressed with the production. Compared to other businesses, it is quiet, silent and clean. In the company in general, I think there is a nice and professional attitude.

What is your best features you take to work?
-I think I have a good ability to understand the context. I will also contribute with a positive attitude and a great commitment.

Welcome and good luck to Magnus!

For more information please contact:
Magnus Jansson, Finance & HR Manager
Direct: +46 563 54 05 52
Mobile: +46 702 51 37 98