Inissions Marketing Director Olle Hulteberg cuts the ribbon.

September 14, 2017. A big day. After months of hard work it is finally time to cut the ribbon and officially open Inission Stockholm. There were a lot of visitors, among other things, customers, suppliers and colleagues from the industry. Opening speakers was Inission Stockholm CEO Niklas Lindh and Inission’s two partners Olle Hulteberg and Fredrik Berghel. Järfällas municipal council chairman Claes Thunblad did also attend and welcomed Inission to the municipality.

Fr. left. Niklas Lindh CEO Inission Stockholm, Fredrik Berghel Inissions Chairman, Olle Hulteberg Inissions Marketing Director och Fredric Grahn Sales Manager at Inission Stockholm.

Claes Thunblad, Chairman of the Municipal Council in Järfälla.

Claes Thunblad welcomes Niklas Lindh and Inission to Järfälla.

Fredric Grahn (fr. left.) with happy visitors.

Key Account Manager Christian Löfgren (fr. left.) shows the SMT equipment.

ABB:s new robot YuMi.

About Inission Stockholm
Inission Stockholm is the newest of Inission’s six factories. It is also an Inspirit factory – a window to the whole of Inission and a center of excellence within the Group, where all employees are driven by Inspirit – Inission ‘s own success strategy based on Lean and our values. The factory is also a partner for the customer throughout the life of the product.

At Inission Stockholm there is also a so-called Inception team, which is a factory in the factory directly under the market. The team has high availability and can quickly produce a prototype series based on customer requirements and wishes. Planning, purchasing and prototype production directly linked to the customer – for delivering prototype series quickly, efficiently and with optimal results.

Inission Stockhom can offer:
· Specialist competence within IPC-3
· Inception team with own equipment
· Complete line, including printer, SMD, Reflow/wapor phase and AOI
· Casting in silicone
· 3D-print
· X-ray
· Ultrasonic Cleaning PCBA
· ISO 14001- and ISO 9001- certificate.