Since a few weeks back Inission Malmö has a new Key Account Manager. His name is Per-Anders Nilsson and is a former marketing and purchasing manager. With his technical know-how and focus on satisfied customers, he hopes to contribute to Inission’s continued growth journey.

After about 10 years, Per-Anders is back in familiar territory. The last time he was here the company was called Onrox. Today it is called Inission and a lot has happened since then.

– Everything is more structured and I see routines that did not exist before, such as daily management. The business feels both more stable and more open and I generally believe that as an employee you appreciate being at work the more you know about what is happening within the company.

How did you end up here again?
– I know Carl Lidén (CEO Inission Malmö) from before. We have always had a good collaboration and he saw an opportunity to strengthen Inission Malmö’s marketing department with my skills and experience. I did not hesitate for a second when the question came. Production and customer focus are like second nature to me and at Inission I have a greater chance of influencing the business.

When did you discover your interest in selling?
– It was not something I knew from the start that I would do, but eventually you discover your qualities. However, making customers happy has always been my thing. The business must benefit both parties.

What do you think is the most important characteristic of a Key Account Manager?
– To be responsive and committed. I have also come a long way in being open and straight to my customers and suppliers. I say what I think and stand for what I do. It is better to make a bad decision than nothing at all.

As a person, Per-Anders describes himself as fearless and unpretentious and even though he has never run his own company, he works as if he owns the company.

What does a day at Inission look like?
– As Key account manager, I am responsible for finance, production and delivery to a number of key customers. Together with my colleagues, I also take care of quotation requests and tender meetings with technology and purchasing. It’s a lot of planning before the manufacture of a new product. 
Getting new customers is also part of my service and I look forward to collaborate with the network I have built up over the years.

What are your interests besides work?
– Hunting and outdoor life is a big part of my life. Here in Skåne, mostly hares and deer are hunted, but with the hunting team in Småland we hunt moose and wild boar.

Thank you and good luck.

For more information:
Per-Anders Nilsson, Key Account Manager Inission Malmö
+46 406 50 02 06

About Inission
Inission is a profitable total supplier that offers demanding industrial customers in the Nordic region complete electronic and mechanical products of the highest quality. Our services cover the entire product life cycle, from development and design to industrialization, volume production and aftermarket. By combining this with logistics services and a production based on high flexibility, customer adaptation and short lead times, our offer becomes competitive. Inission has production units in Stockholm, Västerås, Borås, Munkfors, Malmö, Trondheim (Norway), Lohja (Finland), Lagedi and Tallinn (Estonia). Inission is listed on OMX Nasdaq First North.