From left, Fredrik Berghel CEO Inission and Henric Alsterman CEO Part Development.

In order to become a world-class EMS manufacturer, it is time for Inission to take the next step on its LEAN journey through a long-term strategic collaboration with Part Development. The agreement is for six years, where Inission will receive ongoing support from Part Development. An important part of the agreement is that Part Development reinvests half of the fee through the purchase of newly printed Inission shares. As a result, Part Development will become a significant shareholder in Inission over time.

Already in 2008 the decision was made that LEAN should be Inission’s business strategy. Since then Inission has participated in several LEAN projects and received support from Part Development. Based on these various efforts and the LEAN principles, Inspirit was developed – a guide to get better every day based on Inission’s own unique conditions and challenges.

– During the fall of 2021, we made the decision to expand our LEAN work with the aim of increasing customer value even further. This will place great demands on the entire organization and in order to succeed it is absolutely crucial to unleash the power and creativity of the employees so that everyone gets the opportunity to get involved, says Fredrik Berghel, CEO of Inission AB.

Inission’s vision is to lead the development in the industry and be an example in LEAN. In order to create good conditions for this, Inission has established a long-term strategic collaboration with Part Development.

A first step, which has already begun, is to analyze factory by factory and create an individually adapted action plan based on the factories’ respective current situation and goals. In the next step, Inission’s internal LEAN experts, together with Part Development, will train Inissions coworkers based on the “Train the Trainer” concept to ensure both progress and that the knowledge remains and is further developed within Inission.

– Two of the main ingredients in Inspirit are creating flows and having a learning organization. We intend to continuously tell everyone about our journey, both what we have done and what we intend to do in the future. It also includes the challenges we encountered. Everything to create learning for as many people as possible. We hope that our customers, suppliers and partners will appreciate this long-term investment, concludes Fredrik Berghel.

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About Inission
Inission is a profitable total supplier that offers demanding industrial customers in the Nordic region complete electronic and mechanical products of the highest quality. Our services cover the entire product life cycle, from development and design to industrialization, volume production and aftermarket. By combining this with logistics services and a production based on high flexibility, customer adaptation and short lead times, our offer becomes very competitive. Inission has production units in Stockholm, Västerås, Borås, Munkfors, Malmö, Løkken Verk (Norway), Lohja (Finland) Lagedi and Tallinn (Estonia). Inission is listed on Nasdaq First North.