Nadežda Dementjeva, CEO Inission Tallinn.

Inission Tallinn makes a significant investment in developing the Lagedi mechanical plant to increase the production capacity of sheet metal products. An investment of two million euros will increase the factory’s capacity by more than 20%. The investment includes, among other things, a unique bending robot, the first of its kind in Estonia.


According to the CEO of Inission Tallinn, Nadežda Dementjeva, the company follows the principles of smart industry and focuses on automation and process optimization.

– We are focused on innovation and top-level production, which allows us to keep up with the growth of customer needs and offer them flexible solutions. With the investment, we will increase the factory’s production capacity with the support of new technology, expand the product portfolio and ensure the company’s sustainable growth, says Nadežda.

The investments include all parts of the production process, such as bending, cutting and other new processing equipment.

– The investment will not increase the number of jobs but will increase the share of smart production. We automate and streamline processes that enable our people to work smarter. For example, the operator can focus only on inserting the material, while the device monitors the work sequence and adjusts itself according to the product, says Nadežda .


The Lagedi factory will acquire new Amada equipment, whichrepresents the latest in industrial technology and is part of the smart industry concept. The investment will also bring the first bending robot to Estonia, making the work process significantly faster and more efficient. The new equipment will arrive at the Lagedi factory at the end of this year and start working at the beginning of the new year.

About Inission Tallinn OÜ
Inission Tallinn OÜ, with factories in Tallinn and Lagedi, is part of Inission AB. In the past two years, Inission Tallinn has more than doubled its sales volume and turnover. In Lagedi’s mechanical factory, complex high-precision products are manufactured from thin sheet metal that are used in various areas, such as computers, servers, electrical substations and cabinets. One of the factory’s strengths is the high supply reliability, which has consistently been at 100% throughout the year. In the Tallinn factory, electronics and electromechanics are manufactured – both printed circuit boards, equipment parts, and larger complete electronics solutions. Inission’s Estonian factories employ 180 people and export products to European, Asian and American markets.


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About Inission
Inission is a total supplier of customized manufacturing services and products in advanced industrial electronics and mechanics. Our services cover the entire product life cycle, from development and design to industrialization, volume production and aftermarket services. Inission has operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Italy, the USA, and Tunisia.
Inission has a strong value-driven corporate culture of entrepreneurship and passion, which has resulted in a turnover of SEK 2 billion with an average of 936 employees in 2022. Inission is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market.
Inission’s offer is divided into two business areas; Contract manufacturing of electronic and mechanical products under the brand Inission and Power electronics and systems under the brand Enedo.