On December 6, the winner of Inission innovation award 2023 will be announced. The jury has nominated three companies that compete for development and manufacturing services from Inission worth SEK 1 million.

The winner is crowned at Ny Teknik’s 33-listan Live, Sweden’s first and oldest startup list which every year celebrates Sweden’s 33 most promising startups by gathering venture capitalists, established tech profiles and promising entrepreneurs.

– Through such a high-profile event as 33-listan Live, our finalists get an excellent opportunity to advertise their products. Taking an innovation to commercial success is not easy, so the services and publicity the winner receives is well-deserved and needed, says Inission’s Marketing Director Fredric Grahn.

The innovations have been assessed on inventiveness, feasibility, market potential and novelty value. This year’s three finalists are:

Caplyzer AB
Caplyzer was founded in 2021 by Joydeep Dutta and Esteban Toledo Carrillo. Adam Dahlquist joined as a co-founder in 2023. Together they compete in Inission innovation award with a unique electrolyser technology that reduces the costs of green hydrogen production. Hydrogen can be applied in a number of sectors, such as heavy transport, shipping, green steel, ammonia and the energy sector where it can balance the demand and supply of cheap renewable energy.

The problem is that today 97% of all hydrogen is produced with fossil fuels, which means significant emissions of greenhouse gases. The reason for that is that the production of green hydrogen is more expensive. With Caplyzer’s patent-pending green hydrogen production technology, efficiency and production capacity increase while reducing the cost of the electrolyzer through a more robust and safe design. Read more at www.caplyzer.com

Funki Instruments AB
Funki was founded in 2022 by Maria Svahn and Josefine Hölling. Together with co-owner Vidar Wernöe they are competing in Inission innovation award with Funki, a set of innovative musical instruments adapted to accessibility for people with intellectual and other cognitive disabilities. The idea for Funki came in connection with a course at KTH on technology for disabled. Although music is a central part of LSS and the adapted school, the instrument that creates participation is missing.

With that insight, Maria and Josefine created Funki, an innovation that uses music to open up communication and interaction between all kinds of people. Funki combines simple physical interaction methods with software to create a common music experience for everyone. Funki can also be used together with traditional instruments, so that people with and without intellectual disabilities can play together on equal terms. Read more at www.funki.se

Vaquita Technologies AB
Vaquita Technologies was founded in 2020 by Nour Akel and Vijaya Sekhar. Together, they compete in Inission innovation award with a machine learning monitoring system that measures water quality in real time. In the mining industry, water monitoring is essential to protect water resources and detect sources of contamination.

Unfortunately, it usually takes place via traditional manual water sampling and laboratory analysis, which is time-consuming and resource-intensive. With Vaquita Technologies’ solution, key parameters such as pH, electrical conductivity, oil, dissolved oxygen and algae amount can be analyzed precisely and reliably in real time. It creates the opportunity to proactively manage their water system, ensure clean and safe water and make informed decisions to support sustainable water management. Read more at www.vaquitatechnologies.com


For more information:
Fredric Grahn, Marketing Director Inission AB
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About Inission
Inission is a total supplier of customized manufacturing services and products in advanced industrial electronics and mechanics. Our services cover the entire product life cycle, from development and design to industrialization, volume production and aftermarket services. Inission has operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Italy, the USA, and Tunisia. Inission has a strong value-driven corporate culture of entrepreneurship and passion, which has over the past 12 months resulted in a turnover of approx. SEK 2 billion with approx. 1000 employees. Inission is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Inission’s offer is divided into two business areas; Contract manufacturing of electronic and mechanical products under the brand Inission and Power electronics and systems under the brand Enedo.

The information was submitted for publication on November 22, 2023 at 13:00 CET.