Megger and Inission – a success story


Megger is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of test and measuring equipment for the electrical power industry and for electric installations. Cooperation with Inission began in 1986 and has grown since then and today Megger is among Inissions largest customers. Inission delivers essentially finished measuring instruments but also spare parts such as circuit boards.

A success story

It´s afternoon on Inission in Munkfors and it has been an intense day for Meggers buyer Moinul Khan and his colleagues who´s been visiting Inission for the day. For instance, Active problem solving and workshop according to LEAN has been on the schedule.

During a short break we take the opportunity to sit down with Moinul. Moinul has been responsible for purchases from Inission for four years and he says:
-The Cooperation with Inission is truly a success story. Together, in recent years, we have actively worked out an understanding and a logistics set-up that is second to none in the industry. Our relationships are across the board very good, it feels safe. We always say whats on our minds and I feel I can trust my contact Niklas one hundred percent.

Like many other customers Moinul also value Inissions high flexibility.
-I can change my schedule how I wish and thanks to our developed logistics structure I get the desired flexibility and a low stock formation. Thanks to my personal customer team on Inission I am always only one phone call from a major change.